Delegation trip as part of Photonics4Industry & Day of Light 2023

©Photonics Austria
©Photonics Austria

The overall goal of the Photonics4Industry partnership is to strengthen cluster management excellence, create exchange opportunities and build a sustainable pan-European strategic partnership in the photonics sector.

A delegation trip will take place as part of the International Day of Light in cooperation with Photonics4Industry from 15th-17th of May 2023. Starting on 15th May in Vienna at the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, the journey will continue 16th May through the beautiful state capital and surroundings, and it goes on to Weiz in Styria to JOANNEUM RESEARCH, accompanied by a coordinated and varied programme.

CARLA Capsule will be organized on 16th May in the afternoon, where everything will revolve around the topic “Students & Photonics”.

For more information, please visit:

Projekt Photonics4Industry

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