DentoSkull™ presentation at the Innovation Award 2023/2024

©Gerald Tschank Schulbild GmbH
©Gerald Tschank Schulbild GmbH

The Innovation Award 2023/2024 was presented on 20th March 2024 at the Technopol Wiener Neustadt. The innovation prizes were awarded by an expert jury in four categories, two further submissions were honoured by the University of Applied Sciences, Wiener Neustadt.

The ACMIT team (Gunpreet Oberoi, Andrea Lorenz, Stefan Koschitz, Christoph Kment, Richard Kolonics, Herbert Weißenböck, and Mario Wieser) were chosen as the winners in the category “Medicine, Medical Technology, Innovations in Healthcare and Life Sciences” with the project: “Implantology training model for augmentative dental surgery”.

DentoSkull™, ACMIT‘s implantology training model for augmentative surgery, offers medical staff various training options, such as implant placement, guided bone regeneration technology, augmentation, osteoplasty or retromolar bone block harvesting. The model has various movable elements (skull, maxilla, mandible and a 3D holder) with special features. This allows operations to be simulated and continuously improved in a very realistic setting.

The winning project was introduced in a short video by Stefan Koschitz MSc.

For more information, please visit:

DentoSkull™ presentation – tecnet video

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