New publication in the European Journal of Medical Physics (Physica Medica) by ACMIT and its scientific partners

©Jens Mahnke
©Jens Mahnke

A new paper is published in the Physica Medica with the title “Realistic 3D printed CT imaging tumor phantoms for validation of image processing algorithms”.

Medical imaging phantoms are widely used for validation and verification of imaging systems and algorithms in surgical guidance and radiation oncology procedures. Additive manufacturing (AM) technology provides an inexpensive opportunity for accurate anatomical replication with customization capabilities. In this research project, a simple and cheap protocol using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology was proposed to manufacture realistic tumor phantoms based on the filament 3D printing technology. Tumor phantoms with both homogenous and heterogeneous radiodensity were fabricated. The 3D printed tumor phantoms precisely replicated real lung tumor patient data regarding both radiodensity and morphology and could also include life-like heterogeneity of the radiodensity inside the tumor models.

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