From Idea to Clinical Use

ACMIT, the “Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology”, is a research and development center in the field of medical technology.

Certified Partner

ACMIT is an EN ISO 13485-certified partner of the medical technology industry. Our R&D services are complemented by the production of prototypes and contract manufacturing of medical devices.

Mechatronic Systems

ACMIT develops mechatronic systems and procedures for the purpose of making medical treatment less invasive, less risky and more efficient. We perform application-oriented and translational research and provide a clear benefit for patients, physicians and medical device manufacturers.

Surgical Procedures

ACMIT is focused on minimally invasive surgical procedures and image-guided interventions. Our activities are complemented by the development of tissue sensors and optical components.

Integration of Technologies

ACMIT concentrates on a smooth integration of novel technologies into the clinical workflow. We achieve this through appropriate interface design, usability analyses and development of complete training systems (e.g. customized anatomical models).

Our Partners

ACMIT works with more than 60 company and scientific partners, including internationally leading medical device manufacturers (start-ups as well as established companies) and cutting-edge medical and technical universities from Austria and abroad.

Your Innovation Partner

ACMIT is your partner during the complete innovation process and offers expertise, guidance and assistance in every single step!

Public Funding

Within the framework of the Austrian COMET program, ACMIT is supported by public funding and thus offers attractive conditions to medical technology companies.


ACMIT and its scientific partners at the 42nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC 2020)

The world’s largest international biomedical engineering conference was organized in conjunction with the 43rd Annual ...
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ACMIT at the W3+ Fair Convention

We are pleased to invite you to Europe's leading platform for technology-driven innovation. The W3+ ...
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ACMIT and its scientific partners publish a new paper in Medical Physics

Nowadays, cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) has become a vital tool for interventional radiology. In this ...
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Successful Proof of Concept for patented Life Bridge™ Technology

As part of the collaboration with our partner Phoenix Cryo Therapeutics, we have successfully demonstrated ...
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ACMIT`s scientific and company partners published a new paper in the Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control

The multicenter study: „Critical Reliability Issues of Common Type Alcohol-Based Handrub Dispensers“ is published in ...
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ACMIT`s scientific and company partners published a new paper in the International Journal of Nursing Studies

The original scientific report: The association between shift patterns and the quality of hand antisepsis ...
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ACMIT Partner Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences is Hiring

Starting in August 2020, the department of anatomy and biomechanics (division of biomechanics, Prof. Pahr) ...
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The MassVentil project team won the 1st place in the Pan-European Hackathon in the category (challenge): ventilators/respirators

We congratulate the MassVentil project team, and in particular our former ACMIT team member Miklos ...
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ACMIT`s scientific and company partners published a paper in the World Journal of Surgery

The original scientific report: "Transcutaneous Stimulation of Auricular Branch of the Vagus Nerve Attenuates the ...
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