Virtopsy wins Swiss ICT Special Award 2015


“Virtopsy” will be awarded the Swiss ICT Special Award 2015 on November 11 in front of 800 invited guests from industry, research and politics as a part of the Swiss ICT Award Gala in Luzern.

Accurate and reliable documentation of forensic findings is of core importance in the field of legal medicine. The recorded data builds the fundament of the coroners´ diagnosis to determine the cause of death and the exact circumstances of the case.

The Virtopsy project aims to integrate modern imaging techniques such as computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), 3D surface scanning, photogrammetry as well as automatic minimally invasive body tissue and liquid sampling into the workflow of a forensic medical investigation. These techniques allow for gathering of objective evidence that can be beneficial to the investigation and provide the basic data to reconstruct and visualize a forensic case.

As major part of the Virtopsy procedure, ACMIT developed the Virtobot system in collaboration with the Forensic Institute of Zurich. This robotic system is capable of performing the entire workflow in a fully autonomous manner. In 2012 the Virtobot system was installed in Zurich and its functionalities were integrated into the Virtopsy procedure, while the development of new features is still ongoing.

Virtobot system video:

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20151104_UZH News – Autopsie in Bildern

20151111_Virtopsy_Swiss ICT Special Award 2015_Zeitungsbeitrag_Auszug

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