Interventional Skull Phantom


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Neurosurgical model for training the cranial needle biopsy handling.

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Neurosurgical skull training model for cranial needle biopsy handling:

  • Diagnostical needle brain biopsy for pathological tissue examination and tumour staging
  • Training of cranial needle biopsy handling

Special features:

  • Realistic anatomy & haptics
  • Reusable (disposable bone inlays)
  • All major bones, sutures of cranium, intracranial space and dermal tissue are shown
  • Minimized setup time
  • Includes USB Data stick (including CT data of the skull), light source for needle biopsy navigation

Customer feedback:

Landon Ledbetter, MBA (Surgical Synergy Clinical Consultant at Medtronic) wrote on Linkedin: “Personally, these were some of the best anatomical models Iā€™ve usedšŸ‘”

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Dimensions 18 × 14 × 13 cm
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