Mitral Butterfly for Mitral Regurgitation – New Cooperation started


ACMIT started a new R&D cooperation with the “Angel Valve Project” (AVP), a preseed cooperation of Prof. DDr. Werner Mohl and established experts in the field of medical technology, nitinol, catheter, textile research and production. Prof. Mohl invented the Mitral Butterfly, a transvascular catheter-deployed mitral valve implant for the human heart. He is a serial entrepreneur and a cardio-thoracic surgeon with 40 years of experience in research, patient care and medical education.

AVP is developing the Mitral Butterfly in order to treat mitral regurgitation. This medical implant is intended to be used instead of a standard “conventional” chordal repair which requires major surgery. Having no serious alternative to that standard procedure is one of the reasons why 98% of patients requiring repair or replacement of the valve remain untreated as they are considered “too healthy” for such a major surgical intervention.

ACMIT supports AVP during the complete development process from idea to clinical use and ensures compliance of documentation with all regulatory requirements.

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