GEYEDANCE success story: “Artificial intelligence and modern robotics improve retinal surgery”


GEYEDANCE is the world’s first assistive robot platform for safe and efficient retinal surgery procedures.

Approximately 2 million retinal operations are performed annually, 65% of them in industrialized countries, with an increase rate of over 5%. The small dimension and sensitivity of the target operation area make tool manipulation in retinal surgery the most challenging task.

The GEYEDANCE project uses advanced AI methods to capture surgical experiences and translate them into multi-modal user support functionalities using the robotic platform to improve surgical outcomes.

In the GEYEDANCE consortium, seven partners from five countries work under the coordination of ACMIT. ACMIT is also the responsible partner for the development of the intraoperative sensor system, the integration of the sensors into the ultra-thin tools and the entire system integration. Project coordinator is Dr. Gernot Kronreif, the scientific director of ACMIT.

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