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The local media reported on ACMIT in an article entitled: “Development from Wiener Neustadt helps patients with presbyopia – ACMIT Gmbh reduces the risk of reoperation”

With increasing age, the eye loses the ability to adapt to different distances of vision. This presbyopia is mainly caused by a hardening of the natural lens of the eye. The replacement of the natural lens of the eye with an artificial lens can provide relief. It is important to find the best lens model for each patient before surgery. RALV allows presbyopic patients to experience preoperative vision through true intraocular lenses (IOL) to experience postoperative vision with an IOL before the implantation.

ACMIT developed the RALV optical system in collaboration with 1stQ Deutschland GmbH, an internationally renowned manufacturer of intraocular lenses. The further development and marketing are carried out by the newly founded spin-off company DEZIMAL GmbH.

The ACMIT project “RALV – Experience the achievable vision” under the leadership of Dipl.-Ing. Martin Kornfeld won the 3rd place at the prestigious Houska Prize 2024 in the “Non-University Research” category.

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ACMIT Success Story: RALV – Experience the achievable vision

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