ACMIT’s Stations at the “Lange Nacht der Forschung” Next Month


Recently, the stations for this year’s LNF (Lange Nacht der Forschung) on April 13th were announced.

All three fascinating ACMIT-stations can be found at the TFZ Wr. Neustadt:

Can you increase the safety of surgeries with a scale?ACMIT_Bild1

Retained surgical instruments (instruments remaining inadvertently inside a patient’s body after a surgery) happen more often than generally assumed. The combination of a common scale and a special software can prevent “losing” instruments inside a patient and enables medical staff to quickly check an instrument tray for completeneness. The interesting thing is that this method works for instruments with similar weight or multiple instruments adding up to the same weight of another instrument as well.

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CSI Wr. Neustadt – Hunting them down with medical virtual realityACMIT_Bild2

By fusing diagnostic and geometric data, an accessible virtual scenario is created which allows to “enter” the crime scene. This way, an offense can be reconstructed including the medical evidence found which represents a milestone in the fight against crime.

This station is organized by ACMIT in cooperation with the „3D Zentrum Zürich / Institute of Forensic Medicine (University of Zurich)“.

For detailed information please visit:

Making a diagnosis with light?ACMIT_Bild3

Some substances dissolved in liquids do not change the optical appearance of those liquids. But this is only true for wavelengths visible to the naked eye. If observing a broader wavelength range it becomes apparent that those substances absorb or activate special light frequencies. Highly sensitive spectrometers are able to detect those differences and facilitate conclusions about the composition of the solution. Actually, e.g. diabetes or pancreatitis are already detectable via infrared spectra.

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We look forward to your visit!

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