ACMIT Started into a New Research Period

In June last year, ACMIT got granted 18,7m EUR research funding within the framework of another COMET-K1 center program.

The new research period started on April 1st, 2017. Main research objective is the development of processes and tools for “Mechatronic and Information Assisted Therapy” and appropriate concepts for efficient development and implementation of such technologies. They contribute to improved medical treatment in order to reduce trauma, reduce costs of treatment and increase patient safety.

The new research program is a well-balanced combination of continuity and novelty. Building on the competences created during the previous research phases, new challenges in the area of mechatronic surgical instruments and robotics will be tackled, following the ongoing trend for less treatment-related traumatization and optimized therapy delivery.

New key aspect for the planned research is seamless integration of photonics-based sensor systems into surgical tools and processes.

Another dimension of process optimization is the introduction of new software-based supporting systems, like pre-operative planning systems with integrated decision support systems as well as intra-operative information-augmentation for more efficient and safe delivery of therapy. Together with the application on novel concepts of Additive Manufacturing, these are important building blocks for the new objective regarding establishment of methods for personalized therapy. Aspects for Human Factors Engineering and for efficient implementation of new medical technology to routine care are supporting factors which contribute to ACMIT’s overall goals.

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