ACMIT at the nordBLICK 7th SEA CONGRESS 2016

©MARE multimedia Kiel
©MARE multimedia Kiel

The nordBLICK 7th SEA CONGRESS 2016 will take place from May 20th to May 22nd on board the cruise ship COLOR FANTASY.

At this maritime symposium for ophthalmology ACMIT will be represented by Wolfgang Brezna, who will present and demonstrate an innovative IOL simulator at the booth of our company partner 1stQ.

An IOL (intra ocular lens) is an artificial lens implant which is usually inserted after removing the clouded natural lens during cataract (grey star) surgery.

This IOL does not behave like the natural human lens as it does not have the ability to accommodate. Therefore, the patient will only have a good visual acuity for a limited range of object distances (usually far vision).

With the aid of the IOL simulator patients is given the impression of already implanted IOLs before surgery as the device is equipped with artificial model eyes where commercially available IOLs can be placed in. Also 3D-scenarios from everyday life can  be presented and individually tested.

Furthermore, such a device enables a direct comparison of different optics in a pseudo-postoperative stadium for the first time.

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