ACMIT at the “Long Night of Research 2022” (LNF 2022)

©BMBWF, BMDW, bmk, #LNF22
©BMBWF, BMDW, bmk, #LNF22

The “Long Night of Research” will take place on 20th of May, 2022 from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. at over 280 exhibition locations across Austria. With over 2,500 stations, guided tours, workshops, lectures, live presentations and experiments to watch and participate in. Researchers present their achievements from society, environment and health to natural sciences, technology, energy, economy, digitization and culture.

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ACMIT station: “Kann man durch die Nase bis in das Gehirn sehen?”

ACMIT station: “Wie kann man mit virtuellen 3D-Systemen Organe betrachten?”

ACMIT at LNF2022

Program booklet LNF2022 Wiener Neustadt


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