ACMIT and its scientific partners published a new paper in the Journal of Medical Physics

©George Milton
©George Milton

The aim of this study was to investigate the radiological properties of 3D printed phantoms made of silicone in CT imaging. To achieve this goal, the radiodensity as described as Hounsfield Units (HUs) of several samples composed of three different silicone printing materials were evaluated by changing the infill density to adjust their radiological properties. A scaled down anatomical model derived from an abdominal CT was also fabricated and the resulting HU values were evaluated. For the three different silicone materials, a spectrum ranging from −639 to +780 HU was obtained on CT at a scan setting of 120 kVp. A good agreement was observed between the HU target values in abdominal CT and the HU values of the 3D-printed anatomical phantom in all tissues.

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