Prof. Dr. John J. van den Dobbelsteen was promoted to full professor

©Roy Borghouts Fotografie
©Roy Borghouts Fotografie

ACMIT’s long-term scientific partner and supporter, Prof. Dr. John J. van den Dobbelsteen was promoted to full professor. His inaugural lecture “Clinical process technology crucial for reducing workload in and around operating room” took place on December 15th at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).

Prof. Dr. John J. van den Dobbelsteen graduated in experimental psychology at the University of Groningen and completed his PhD in neuroscience at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. He has been working at TU Delft for 18 years and is also appointed as a professor at Leiden University Medical Center and Erasmus Medical Center, as well as director of the Clinical Technology program of TU Delft, LUMC and Erasmus MC. He is a delegate on the board of the International Society for Medical Innovation and Technology (iSMIT).

The scientific work of Prof. van den Dobbelsteen focuses on the development of advanced systems for real-time monitored medical procedures to improve the interaction between operating room personnel and medical technology with the goal of reducing workload and supporting the staff. Cameras are used to monitor all activities in specially equipped research operating theatres, using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify which activities are compliant or deviant from the associated surgical protocol. With this information, the work process can be adjusted and optimized.

Prof. van den Dobbelsteen’s research projects in the field of Medical Process Engineering are perfectly in line with the scientific areas of ACMIT, especially regarding the COMET Module “Surgical Data for Optimized Therapy” (SD-OpT).

ACMIT congratulates Prof. van den Dobbelsteen on this outstanding achievement and looks forward to further successful cooperation.

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