New publications from ACMIT and its scientific partners

©Jens Mahnke
©Jens Mahnke

ACMIT and its scientific partners have published two new papers:

“Investigation of the Effectiveness of the Robotic ReStore Soft Exoskeleton in the Development of Early Mobilization, Walking, and Coordination of Stroke Patients: A Randomized Clinical Trial” in the Robotics – MDPI.

Kóra, S.; Bíró, A.; Prontvai,N.; Androsics, M.; Drotár, I.; Prukner, P.; Haidegger, T.; Széphelyi, K.; Tollár J. Robotics 2024, 13(3), 44;

“Sensor-Based Measurement Method to Support the Assessment of Robot-Assisted Radiofrequency Ablation” in the Sensors – MDPI.

Marton, H.Z.; Inczeffy, P.E.; Kis, Z.; Kardos, A.; Haidegger, T. Sensors 2024, 24(5), 1699;

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