DentoSkull™, the implantology training model for augmentative surgery

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ACMIT’s application-oriented anatomical models significantly reduce the number of cadaver tests needed in the development of medical devices as well as provide an advanced solution for education of clinicians. Based on patient-specific manufactured models, complex surgeries can be trained and optimized in order to improve patient safety.

ACMIT successfully presented the novel DentoSkull™ implantology training model and provided for maxillofacial and augmentative surgery workshops at the Lassnitzhöhe Symposium 2023.

DentoSkull™ is an anatomical model for augmentative surgery with various training options:
• Implant placement
• Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) technology
• Augmentation
• Bone block augmentation
• Sinus lift
• Interposition osteoplasty
• Retromolar bone block harvesting

DentoSkull™ has different movable elements with special features:
• Base carrier with mounting option for 3D bracket
• Seating part for the maxilla and mandible elements
Maxilla element
• Interchangeable slot with four pathologies
• With a realistic gingiva and two differently designed sinus membranes
Mandible element
• Movable lower jaw with a realistic gingiva
• Cortical and cancellous bone area
• Nervus mentalis
3D holder
• Tripod with a ball head for free positioning of the skull
• Easy table mounting and fixation

DentoSkull™ and its elements are available in our Webshop.

For more information, please visit:

DentoSkull™ Video

DentoSkull™ Flyer in German

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