ArtiFex and ACMIT cooperation: the production of the worldwide patented “ArtiFex Vascular Graft”

©Anna Shvets
©Anna Shvets

The development by cardiothoracic surgeon, Assoc. Prof. Priv. Doz. Dr. Bernhard Winkler, will open up the possibility of bypass or vascular surgery to around six million people worldwide every year.

In 80% of coronary bypass surgeries there is insufficient autologous arterial material available. “ArtiFex Vascular Graft” aims to provide the best treatment alternative in those cases, e.g. varicosity or diabetes, where autologous arterial grafts are not available or insufficient in quantity.

The “ArtiFex Vascular Graft” combines a unique patented cellulose coating with an alloy scaffold to create a superior and cost-competitive new artificial graft. The cellulose layer is fully permeable for selected cells yet blood tight, it is antithrombogenic and does not cause any immune reaction. The graft becomes like a living artery within 4 weeks as cells and small neo-vessels start to turn the scaffold into living tissue.

The worldwide patented “ArtiFex Vascular Graft” will be produced in the future by Dr. Winkler’s start-up, ArtiFex Medical GmbH and ACMIT. Completion and development are planned for 2023, and the first patients can be treated in 2024 or 2025.

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