ACMIT at the Research Festival Lower Austria 2023

©Amt der NÖ Landesregierung
©Amt der NÖ Landesregierung

The Lower Austrian Research Festival 2023, “Forschungsfest Niederösterreich 2023”, will take place on September 22nd, from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., in the Palais Niederösterreich, Vienna (Herrengasse 13).

This year, ACMIT demonstrates fluorescence-assisted tissue differentiation. Tissues that look the same in daylight become distinguishable in UV or IR light. This is already used today to detect caries or to identify diseased areas for example cancer cells in surgery. ACMIT is working on new application methods to integrate these technologies into surgical instruments. In demonstration boxes, visitors can experience use cases on samples in normal white light and under UV lighting. Thanks to special health prevention measures, there is no danger to the visitors from the UV light.

ACMIT with its booth in the “Landtagssaal” will also take part in the quiz rally for children aged 11 to 14. Research enthusiasts of all ages are invited to gain insight into current research with free admission.

For more information, please visit:

ACMIT at “Forschungsfest NÖ 2023

ACMIT Booth at “Quiz Rally for children aged 11 to 14”

“Forschungsfest NÖ 2023”

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