ACMIT at the Lassnitzhöhe Symposium 2023

©Symposium Lassnitzhöhe 2023, MLH Praxismarketing
©Symposium Lassnitzhöhe 2023, MLH Praxismarketing

The LAHÖ 2023 Symposium will take place from 28.-29. April 2023 in Lassnitzhöhe, near Graz in Austria. The event provides insights into innovations of technology and science in the field of Oral, Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgery.

The two-day event offers both specialist lectures and strong practical relevance through live surgeries, hands-on courses and workshops in the field of implantology.

In addition to the community center (GPZ Lassnitzhöhe) with its large lecture rooms, this year’s symposium will be expanded to include an outdoor area with a dental exhibition.

ACMIT will be represented with a booth at the event and will provide novel implantology training models for maxillofacial and augmentative surgery for the workshops.

For more information, please visit:

DentoSkull™ implantology training models for augmentative surgery

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