ACMIT at „3 Verbände – Strahlenschutztagung“ conference

©3 Verbände - Strahlenschutztagung
©3 Verbände - Strahlenschutztagung

„3 Verbände – Strahlenschutztagung“ conference (ÖGMP – Österreichische Gesellschaft für Medizinische Physik, ÖVS – Österreichischer Verband für Strahlenschutz, VMSÖ – Verband für Medizinischen Strahlenschutz in Österreich) was held in Vienna from 29.09.2022 to 01.10.2022. ACMIT was presented in three conference contributions by Dr. Sepideh Hatamikia, who gave a talk and presented a conference poster and contributed to another conference presentation. The abstracts for the three conference contributions are:

Abstract 1: “CBCT metal artifact reduction based on source-detector trajectory optimization and PICCS reconstruction”

Abstract 2: “Evaluation of radiomics robustness on mammograms using different modifications of manually drawn regions of interest”

Abstract 3: “Image reconstruction for ion computed tomography with the TIGRE toolbox”

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