ACMIT and its scientific partners published a new paper in the Journal of Medical Physics

©Jens Mahnke
©Jens Mahnke

The article: “3D printed patient-specific thorax phantom with realistic heterogenous bone radiopacity using filament printer technology” is published in the “Zeitschrift für MEDIZINISCHE PHYSIK”.

Current medical imaging phantoms are usually limited by simplified geometry and radiographic skeletal homogeneity, which confines their usage for image quality assessment. In this paper, we proposed to use filament printing technology to develop a CT-derived 3D printed thorax phantom with realistic bone-equivalent radiodensity using only one single commercially available filament. The generated thorax phantom geometry closely resembles a patient and includes direct manufacturing of bone structures while creating life-like heterogeneity within bone tissues.

Congratulation to this outstanding achievement!

For more information, please visit:

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