ACMIT and its scientific partners published a new paper in the “3D Printing in Medicine”

©Towfiqu Barbhuiya
©Towfiqu Barbhuiya

ACMIT and its scientific partners have published a new paper with the title “Medical 3D printing with polyjet technology: effect of material type and printing orientation on printability, surface structure and cytotoxicity” in the journal: “3D Printing in Medicine” 9, Article number: 27 (2023).

Due to its high printing resolution and ability to print multiple materials simultaneously, inkjet technology has found wide application in medicine. However, the biological safety of 3D-printed objects is not always guaranteed due to residues of uncured resins or support materials and must therefore be verified.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the quality of standard assessment methods for determining the quality and properties of polyjet-printed scaffolds in terms of their dimensional accuracy, surface topography, and cytotoxic potential.

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