ACMIT and its scientific partners published a new paper in the International Journal of Bioprinting

©Towfiqu Barbhuiya
©Towfiqu Barbhuiya

A new paper is published in the International Journal of Bioprinting with the title “3D-Printed multi-material liver model with simultaneous mechanical and radiological tissue-mimicking features for improved realism”.

Anatomic models have an important role in the medical domain. Soft tissue mechanical properties representation is limited in mass-produced and 3D-printed models. In this study, a multi-material 3D printer was used to print a human liver model featuring tuned mechanical and radiological properties, with the goal of comparing the printed model with its printing material and real liver tissue. Results suggest that the liver model became more realistic in terms of mechanical and radiological properties with the proposed printing approach as opposed to printing only with silicone rubber. This method enables new customization opportunities in the field of anatomic models.

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