Brain biopsies: Robot supports with precise navigation at the Graz University Clinic


Minimal intervention with maximum efficiency – that is a motto of the brain surgery. Robotic-assisted surgery helps to augment the natural skills of surgeons. At the Graz University Clinic for Neurosurgery, a new robot platform for taking brain biopsies is being used under the direction of the new board member Stefan Wolfsberger.

The development of the surgical robot started in 2013 together with the “Austrian Center for Medical Innovation (ACMIT)” in Wiener Neustadt and the company “Interventional Systems” from Wattens. It was taken over by the medical technology group Medtronic and the device was presented worldwide for the first time in January 2021. Two devices are in use across Austria.

For more information, please visit:

„Hirnbiopsien: Roboter hilft an Grazer Klinik beim genauen Navigieren“

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